Tirlán Coaching Conference


Tirlán asked Pluto to support creating an event to bring together 150 of their senior leaders in Kilkenny.

With 150 of Tirlán’s people leaders who had partaken in the coaching programme, they spent a day in the Lyrath Estate Hotel Kilkenny, connecting, celebrating & looking to the future together.


The objective was to highlight and celebrate how far they have come – the coaching journey from September 2019 to date, revisit their coaching vision, further elevate their coaching culture and commit to their future together.


Our approach was to ensure the content was relevant, speakers allowed for a deeper understanding and reflection and to ensure the day allowed for collaborative engagement and open discussion.

Throughout the day, Ian Robertson and Jack Kavanagh wowed the audience and internal panel allowed for real-time feedback and open discussion, and ample opportunity was provided for wellness, breathing space, energisers, and internal reflections all facilitated by Tirlán’s lead coach. This was all in addition to development of identity, video content and end-to-end management .