Shopper Marketing

How do you get product into the hands of consumers during a strict pandemic lockdown? You get creative.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Flipz, like many other businesses, were faced with the task of thinking outside of the box to find new and exciting ways of getting their product into the hands of customers in compliance with newly introduced social guidelines. We came up with an effective way to leverage changing behaviours in social media use in the wake of covid-19, to get brand to hand and build brand affinity, and most importantly, sample the delicious product.


Remain at the forefront of consumer’s minds when it comes to key snacking moments

Navigate sampling in a new world where brands can’t be out on the streets of Ireland interacting with the general public, handing out product


Irish comedian, Alison Spittle, started a virtual movie watching party on Twitter at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to connect people while social distancing.

Every evening, Alison would post a poll asking Twitter users to vote for which Netflix movie they want to watch. That evening, everyone would put the winning movie on at the same time and talk about it using the hashtag #CovideoParty. We decided to crash the party with the perfect movie treat.

The COVideo movement went viral and so, we worked with @flipzireland to create a fun social and influencer campaign to boost brand awareness online, and get brand to hand, through a campaign called #GetFLIPZandChill. Every Friday through Sunday, people joining in on Alison’s Friday movie night could sign-up for free Flipz movie snack pack for their movie night in.

We created a #GetFLIPZandChill website, where users could easily sign up for a GetFLIPZ pack – each pack including a share size bag of Flipz and an emoji movie quiz, in a beautifully branded box. The first 450 sign-ups would receive a delivery straight to their door to enjoy during the following Friday nights COVIDeo party. Alison would promote this each week through a series of tweets that included the website link and campaign hashtag.


The 3-week campaign was a huge success, with over 600 people signing up for packages each week.

The campaign also produced an outstanding amount of user-generated content across Twitter and Instagram, with participants posting fantastic images, videos, and boomerangs of their deliveries.

Moreover, the Flipz Instagram account doubled in followers, with the campaign reaching 2.7 million people on social media.

The Irish media were quick to pick up on the campaign also, with various media outlets like iRadio, and Shemazing all running stories on the campaign.

Not to mention, the incredible support from some of Ireland’s finest influencers – Fionnuala Jay, Nathalie Lennon, Lisa Jordan, and Eadaoin Fitzmaurice, to name a few.