Free Now

Access Now


In conjunction with their partnership with IWA, Pluto worked with FreeNow on their free public mobility virtual conference.

The aim was to facilitate a robust debate, highlighting important issues and looking to the future of accessibility and mobility for all.


Produce a high quality, virtual event available and accessible for all.


Our approach was to ensure the content flowed from start to finish with appropriate speakers from all areas of the transport sector as well as highlighting experiences from those with accessibility needs and facilitating clear discussions on what needs to change.

We needed to ensure that the content developed and speakers chosen ensured that viewers were educated, informed, and engaged about the future of mobility. We produced a clear brand identity and event name to bring this conference to life while also creating striking screen assets to accompany the event, ensuring it as streamlined and polished as possible.

The event was hosted via zoom which at the time, was most compatible with accessibility tools such as screen readers and captions. The event was facilitated by Kathriona Devereux who managed transitions and panel discussions with ease. The inspirational keynote was provided by Jack Kavanagh.