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To further increase brand awareness of one of Irelands most beloved Yogurt brands, Pluto, was entrusted with the task of managing an always on social strategy for Yoplait.

Targeting both families and health-conscious adults, this social strategy aims drive awareness of Yoplait’s nutritious product range by leveraging engaging content, community building and an effective ad strategy.


Raise brand awareness of Yoplait’s wide product range, adapting TOV and content to each unique product. Actively engage Yoplait’s target audience through an “Always On” social media presence Create a bespoke paid ad strategy to target and engage Yoplait’s various audience types and interests.


Our approach involves crafting captivating monthly social content, highlighting Yoplait’s product range as both convenient and nutritious choices for families and adults.

While also managing the day-today of the social accounts, including community management. To enhance the reach and impact of the content, we harness the power of Meta ads, strategically targeting parents and health-conscious individuals. Leveraging Meta’s sophisticated ad targeting capabilities, we precisely pinpoint our target demographics based on various factors such as age, interest, and behaviors in line with Yoplait’s product range. Through the seamless integration of engaging content and targeted ads across Instagram and Facebook platforms, Yoplait effectively connects with and captivates its key target audience. This comprehensive approach not only successfully boosts brand visibility for Yoplait but also fosters stronger brand loyalty among consumers.

Our strategy involves creating compelling monthly social content for Yoplait, alongside managing day-to-day social account activities. We utilise Meta ads to expand content reach and engagement targeting parents and health-conscious individuals.

  • Content Creation
  • Paid Ad Strategy & Execution
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Management




Meta Results 2023



Meta Results 2023



Meta Results 2023