Test Drive Roadshow 2023


In 2023, we helped Polestar take the Polestar 2 on the road, delivering a series of customer events over 12 months.

Polestar currently operates from the Polestar Space in Dublin but the Polestar audience and customers interested in the brand extends much further than this area. Focusing on key areas for the brand, we hosted a number of Polestar pop-ups around Ireland, bringing the Polestar 2 to the customer.


The objective was to deliver premium test drive experiences to targeted audiences while raising awareness around the brand, giving potential Polestar 2 customers the opportunity to see and experience the Polestar 2 closer to home.


A series of test drive events and brand activations in carefully considered locations.

The Venue

The first step of our approach was to find the best locations for the roadshow, considering key factors such as facilities, parking, footfall, access, test drive route, venue design and sustainable impact. Once the venue was found and confirmed after onsite recce, the event could be scheduled. Depending on the location, the activation was a 4-5 day live event with a fleet of 6 Polestar 2 to include 1 static display car.

Customer Experience

Working with a team of Polestar specialists, it was essential that the on-site customer experience matched the experience created by the Polestar Space team. Attendees were greeted by product specialists onsite and registered, before being given a full tour of the vehicle before their test drive. Each attendee had direct communication with a member of the Polestar team throughout the experience.


Each event was supported by communications which included: Email invitations to Polestar Ireland’s mailing list. Social media posts including details for each event. Local photography where possible on-site, shared by Polestar Ireland.


Increased brand awareness



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Polestar 2 test drives delivered