Threads unravelled: the new record-breaking app

Move over Elon, the next big thing in digital communication is here.

On July 6 Meta (the parent company behind Facebook and Instagram) unleashed its newest microblogging platform: Threads. In just 16 hours, the app had a record-breaking 30 million downloads, making it the fastest-growing app of all time, surpassing ChatGPT. Now with over 100 million users, Threads doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

How does it work?

Threads is all about creating a personal and laid-back vibe, like chatting between friends. Logins are directly synced with your Instagram account, meaning the setup is hassle-free and user friendly.

On top of the usual elements, Threads has loads of exciting new features, including Augmented Reality (AR) technology, personalized avatars and real-time messaging, allowing users to easily share updates and repost content on their own feeds.

When it comes to its structure, Threads simplifies things by offering a single feed that not only showcases popular posts, but also content from followers who share common interests. Users can create posts with up to 500 characters, along with links, photos (including vertical photos, a feature not included on Instagram), and videos up to 5 minutes long. An auto-archive option is also being explored to keep the user’s profile fresh, and avoid negative association with past, ill-advised Threads posts.

What sets it apart from Twitter?

Unlike Twitter, Threads aims to create a positive public space with light entertainment and human interaction, moving away from heavy political and news discussions. The platform currently maintains an ad-free experience, providing a streamlined and user-focused environment. However, some content creators and influencers are wary that the lack of ads and monetization options might affect their Instagram engagement.

How can marketing agencies benefit from Threads and leverage brands?

With its explosive popularity, it’s the perfect time for brands to dive in and make a splash. Marketing agencies can leverage this early buzz to establish brand identity and engage with their target audience in an enjoyable manner. The platform allows brands to share exclusive content, product launches, and get valuable feedback from users. Threads’ tight-knit community is all about personalized interactions, so brands should use a creative approach to align their messaging with their Instagram presence to increase customer satisfaction and have them coming back for more.

Opportunities for improvement

While Threads has seen early success, it still lacks some central features – web browsing, active hashtags, a separate following feed, and direct messaging are all missing at the moment (that said, these features are expected to be developed in the future). Accessibility for the platform is a hot topic right now too. The platform is available in 100 countries and 30 languages, but its availability within the 27 European Union countries is uncertain due to data privacy legislation.

To sum up, Threads offers a space that is all about starting conversations and enabling self-expression, creativity and immersive dialogue. It’s clear that Meta is on a mission to conquer its 2 billion active Instagram users worldwide with this platform. As Threads continues to grow, it presents exciting opportunities for users and brands alike. Let the Threads revolution begin!



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