Orbit 004: October Campaign Round-Up

Another month, another collection of marketing ideas we enjoyed in the creative marketing sphere, let’s get into it.

1. House of the Dragon X Duo Lingo, Learn High Valyrian Times Square:

CBR claims that a new monarch has ascended to the Iron Throne, and it is not a Targaryen! High Valyrian is now available on Duolingo in time for the August 21 premiere of HBO’s rapidly approaching Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. The well-known company mascot, Duo the Owl, sits comfortably on the Iron throne.

2. Change The Line-up:

This poster campaign highlights the need for men to change their behaviour towards women in public spaces.

Tom Snell and Dylan Hartigan came up with the concept of “Change The Line-up,” a campaign to raise awareness of the typical “line-up” that women experience on evenings out and demand a change in the way males act. Nightclubs, in particular, are a regular site for sexual harassment to occur.


3. Subway K-Drama South Korea

Subway has developed an aggressive product placement strategy and has now made a ubiquitous presence in South Korean Television Shows.

Due to Korea’s strict viewer’s rights laws against advertising during television programs, advertisers are forced to find creative ways to showcase their products to the mass’. I this case the sandwich chain took this a step further and is now funding K-Drama TV shows in the country. This is a really interesting workaround to these laws in South Korea and one of my favourite YouTubers and Short documentary filmmakers Johnny Harris goes deep on the subject in this 18min long documentary. If you have the time, it’s worth the watch.

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4. Doritos

Customers may scan any triangle in the real world for a chance to win big cash prizes, exclusive prizes from GUESS, Originals, Xbox, and much more thanks to a first-of-its-kind Snapchat AR lens. ​

Triangle trackers everywhere will soon understand how frequently they encounter triangles in daily life thanks to both the weekly TikTok challenges and the Snapchat AR lens that turns any real-world triangle into Doritos. By occupying well-known triangle landmarks in New York, Atlanta, and Memphis, Tennessee, Doritos is making it simpler for them to take part in the challenge.

5. Ikea “Don’t you forget about me”

Ikea is now promoting their new second-hand stores and their new “Life Collection” with a one-minute ad that has an acoustic cover of Simple Minds – “Don’t You Forget About Me” and it oddly makes you empathise with the poor abandoned furniture that never got the attention it deserved.

Roberto Giannone, Ikeas global marketing manager says “We wanted to show how we understand that furniture isn’t necessarily useful forever” and that “Our new second-hand stores are needed because life happens, and we needed a more sustainable way of treating our furniture”.

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6: Birds Eye Uk & Ireland (Ambush Marketing)

In a dig at KFC, Birds Eye has urged fans of the fast food chain to give up their go-to bucket and switch to the company’s plant-based dippers.

It doesn’t have to be chicken to make you want to lick your fingers, says the out-of-home Ad, which is pasted over what appears to be a KFC billboard.

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