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Pluto Joins Global Agency Network 'Worldwide Partners'

Pluto has joined Worldwide Partners, one of the largest networks of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies in the world, comprised of over 70 independent agencies, located in 40 countries.

Cathy O’Donohoe, Director, Pluto said “Joining WPI allows our clients and our team unparalleled access to global cultural and creative insights and to tap into the entrepreneurial energy that mirrors our values, vision, and philosophy. Pluto’s evolution is the result of the deliberate recruitment of eclectic, diverse backgrounds, cultures, minds, and disciplines who make work with a common goal to make lasting connections. Joining WPI is the next step in that continuing evolution. We are so excited about the global knowledge resource, a place to share and refine ideas and unparalleled access to local market know-how. It’s a privilege to share our best work with global best in class”

Commenting on the appointment, John Harris, President & CEO of Worldwide Partners Inc. had the following to say;

“In today’s environment, brand marketers are selecting agency partners to address very specific business challenges. To meet these needs, Worldwide Partners continues to diversify our global agency platform by geography, capability, and vertical expertise. Pluto not only expands our European footprint into Ireland, but their expertise in social media, events, and FMCG marketing adds a further dimension to our service offering. Most importantly, their collaborative spirit is consistent with the DNA that permeates our network. Collaboration is the new marketing currency, and we are thrilled to welcome Pluto to our global community”

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