Our journey to a Neurodiverse workplace

We have had the pleasure of working with Neurodiversity Ireland over the last two years, most recently creating their “Will I” video, a piece which communicates the many hopes, fears, worries and challenges of parents of neurodivergent children. All parents worry, but when you live in a world designed for the needs of neurotypical people, from infrastructure to the accepted “social norms”, and your child’s needs are different, your fears are twofold.

Working with Neurodiversity Ireland has opened our hearts and minds in pluto. Getting a view into another person’s life experience and how our societal structures make daily things more difficult for someone gives pause for thought. What are we doing as individuals and as an organisation to be authentically inclusive to different people’s needs and preferences?

Creating a neurodiverse workforce is not just about inclusivity but also about how much stronger your team and your output will be as a result. The benefits to a neurodiverse workforce are plentiful – creativity can be enhanced, alternative ways of approaching problems and solving them, increased accuracy to name just a few.

We at pluto are very happy to see increased conversations about neurodiversity within our agency and the industry more generally. As an agency, we’re currently researching neurodiversity within our industry to get a better idea of both neurodivergent people’s experiences within the industry and neurotypical people’s perceptions. We hope to open the conversations further and from this make the necessary changes to create and maintain a more neurodiverse workplace. Listening, starting conversations, reviewing hiring processes and overall companies processes and regular training are all vital to this change.

Stay with us on this exciting journey.



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