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Here we go, another lap around the creative marketing space. Check our run-down of some of our favourite recent work from agencies and brands around the globe.

Let's get into it..

Heineken: Working Late

Heineken pulled off an impressive guerrilla marketing stunt to address the culture of working late, to highlight how this can negatively affect your work-life balance. Fittingly, this activation was set in the New York’s borough of Manhattan (The City That Never Sleeps) and targets the lonely office workers whose office room is lit up in seemingly deserted skyscrapers.

Read more HERE

London Zoo

London Zoo has sent us a powerful conservation message by simply placing a crocodile handbag in the crocodile enclosure. The message is driven home with the sign below the enclosure, that reads:

“This bag used to be found swimming in slow-moving rivers and streams across Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Over the last 75 years, more than 80% of Siamese crocodiles have disappeared. Many, like this one, were hunted for their skins as part of the illegal wildlife trade”.

Read more HERE

Unbreakable Courts: Budweiser

I can imagine this one resonates with a lot of young people in Dublin at the moment, with cultural hotspots like music venues and art spaces constantly being knocked down to be replaced by hotels. In a similar fashion, basketball courts in the US are being torn up to add to the ever-expanding real estate game. Budweiser’s new campaign, created by Africa agency, shows the importance of keeping these treasured local spaces and has found a loophole to stop them from being built over by these pesky developers.

Check it out HERE

American Red Cross: A Bloody Nightmare

The American Red Cross is highlighting the importance of donating during the US blood donation crisis with a horror movie-themed public service announcement. What better way to deliver this theme, than Scream’s very own Neve Campbell? In this one-minute horror flick, Neve plays the protagonist among a cast of delightful horror cliches, as they detail how their blood will be wasted by dying horror-movie style. They close the ad with the clever slogan “Blood Isn’t Just For Movies… It Saves Lives”.

Watch it HERE

Cannes: Lil Sugar

A public health campaign that used rap and hip-hop as a medium for storytelling, this year’s Cannes Lions Health Grand Prix for Good went to the master of disguise himself, Lil Sugar. With sugar going by over 150 names and identities, this campaign by Hip Hop Public Health unveiled Lil Sugar’s many aliases to kids, educated kids and families on where these sugars can be found, and highlighted the damage that Lil Sugar is capable of.

Watch it HERE

MCH Global & Google

Immersing their audience in a breath-taking live experience, MCH Global partnered with Google partnered to bring the Google marketing Live event to the stunning Museum of the Future in Dubai. Delivering the event to the MENA area for the very first time, this live experience showcased a wealth of knowledge and research in an exciting and engaging way.

Read more HERE

Kubota Engines: Syn Music.

A lovely piece from one of our friends from Worldwide Partners, Syn Music created the original music and sound design for a new Kubota music film to celebrate their 100+ years of agricultural productivity. In this short film, we can hear ambient clinks and clanks of factory machines quickly develop into something that starts to resemble a piece of music.

Listen HERE

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