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It's a (Pluto) Wrap!

As we look back on the year we’ve had, both as an agency and as a nation, it has been a series of challenges, but we are proud that we have been able to bring some brilliant projects and experiences to life for our wonderful clients.

Here are some of our top moments from a jam-packed year…

#1: Virtual was the new reality

As the pandemic continued this year, physical events were still more or less out of the picture. But that didn’t stop the Pluto team delivering some incredible experiences – they were just now mainly taking place in the virtual world. We had a blast delivering EY’s 2021 Summer CelEYbration, including a live game show, unbelievable prizes, a performance from Roisin O and lots of laughs from comedian Emma Doran. And we were delighted to deliver PTSB’s first internal virtual event, by creating a suite of eye-catching and engaging content to ensure it was the best possible experience for the audience.

#2: Active on the aisles

We are lucky to work with such amazing and delicious snack brands (we may do a fair bit of test-tasting in the office…) and 2021 was a year where we got the opportunity to launch some fantastic new products. We brought a “moment of cheeky cheesy pleasure” to shops, social and digital channels, to promote Mini Cheddars. And to launch McVitie’s new Fully Coated One, we invited Ireland’s biggest McVitie’s fans (our MVPs!) to become “official biscuit testers” and sample the new McVitie’s Fully Coated range before anyone else. We had a lot of fun working with our snack brands and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store (pun intended)!

#3: Clarity in a time of uncertainty

At the beginning of 2021, Ireland went from having some of the lowest case numbers to the highest in just a few weeks. In a very difficult time for the nation, we worked with the Department of An Taoiseach to deliver ‘Stories Behind the Numbers’ as part of the Antiviral campaign. With this initiative we empathised with the young people of Ireland while also communicating the severity of the situation.

Throughout the year we also worked closely with the Department of Health to engage and empower young people during Covid-19. To do this, we created and supported the Sci Comm Collective, a network of young professionals with a background and love for science, who communicated public health guidelines and provided updates on the vaccine and the virus.

#4: Important causes

We have had the honour of getting to do some great work this year that has been in support of brilliant causes. On behalf of Absolut, we were delighted to be given the opportunity to design eye-catching displays to promote the Limited-Edition Absolut Rainbow bottle, which celebrates their long-standing support of the Gilbert Baker foundation. We were also thrilled to help WaterWipes advertise their partnership with the Irish Neonatal Health Alliance in Ireland and Bliss Charity in the UK.

#5: Real-life magic

Christmas is such a magical time of year, which is why we were delighted to partner with Dundrum Shopping centre for the second time this year to create ‘Once Upon a Christmas’. Walk around Dundrum and feel like you’re stepping into your own festive story, as we brought to life a storybook concept set in an enchanted winter forest. With enormous storybooks, pop-up forest animals, a magic wishing well, a fairytale bridge, and even Santa himself, it was a dream to see the public enjoy this festive experience.

There are many more moments from this year, too many to count! And we can’t wait to see what projects await in 2022.

From the team at Pluto, we wish you a happy and healthy year ahead.

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