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  • Lauren Smyth

How To Promote Creativity In Your Workplace, and Why It’s Important

At Pluto, we believe that creative thinking is the key to producing excellent work for our clients – whether it be a digital campaign or large-scale tech conference. Here’s how we make our workplace a breeding ground for innovation…

In the marketing and advertising world, we are constantly striving for groundbreaking ideas. But, with the fast-paced nature of agency life, sometimes as the briefs stack up it can be hard to churn out fresh ideas again and again.

However, as much as it can be intimidating, it’s an exciting time to be working in a creative industry. The pace of technological advancement is accelerating, creating new skills that are in demand in creative teams. Now is the time that more and more brands and agencies are challenging the way things have traditionally been done, by introducing new ideas, skills and new methods will encourage employees to expand their creative mind. Exploring your own potential by tapping into a creative process is valuable for professional and personal growth.

How can you spark creativity in the workplace?

1. Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration To offer our clients our very best creative ideas, we collaborate closely on briefs and projects and encourage creative discussion. To do this, we’ve cultivated an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas, critiquing others and taking feedback on board. After all, we are all individuals with different perspectives on the world – we believe everyone has something to bring to the creative table. 2. Remember to laugh! Humour strengthens a team – and creativity breeds in a relaxed environment. 3. Promote creativity through office aesthetic Gone are the days of grey walls and cubicles. Your office space should reflect your company values. 4. Be supportive of colleagues Remember, sometimes it takes a lot of bad ideas to get to a good one. Be supportive of your colleagues and their ideas. 5. Change of scenery If you’ve hit a brick wall with an idea, take a stroll around the block or move to a new room. It’s proven that even just moving to a new desk can break monotony and revive your mind. That’s why in Pluto, we have a dedicated hotdesk in a quiet room, and lots of extra space, beanbags and couches, to ensure employees can get away from their usual desks if they need to.

6. Attend talks and conferences as a team In any industry, it’s important to stay looped in on the latest tech, innovation and trends – attending talks and conferences as a team can boost morale, excitement and spark creative conversations. We try to get to talks and conferences several times a year. 7. Ask, “How can I help?”

Creativity flows in supportive environments. The world of marketing, promotions and events is highly rewarding but can be hugely demanding on time and your mental resources. If you have some time, give colleagues a dig out if you can. 8. It’s okay to take creative risks Some of the best creative work has come from taking risks. Let your team think outside the box and support them in taking creative risks, after all, some of the best creative work in history were those that broke the mould and challenged old ideas – the pay off could be huge.

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