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Halloween Is Not Dead

Let’s not let Halloween suffer the same fate as Easter! What happened to Easter? Pluto Art Director and self-confessed Samhain-ophile, Cormac McCann, brings Halloween back to life with some of our favourite virtual Halloween event ideas. I love Halloween. As adults, it’s a great opportunity to indulge in nostalgia, reconnect with your inner child, and play. And we all know what all work and no play does…

Axe-murdering aside, play is an important part of a good workplace culture and is proven to help business.

Play is an antidote to a high-pressure work environment. It helps people get away from their work temporarily and reduce the intensity of their work demands. This kind of rejuvenation can be especially useful in contributing to well-being and productivity. [CREDIT FORBES]

Halloween has been knocking around this country long before Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day and it’s one the few events on the work calendar solely devoted to craic. There’s never any leadership updates or end of year numbers round-up at the company Halloween Party.

As a Samhain-ophile, and newbie to the events industry, last year it was my dream come true to design and curate the Google Halloween Party at their HQ and it was a blast! A party for big kids with adult budgets.

It’s important now more than ever that companies maintain their culture, boost morale, and stay connected. It’s a long, chilly stretch from now until Christmas so don’t forget to give your employees that Halloween treat.

So how do we celebrate Halloween in a non-contact world? We got you covered!

1. ‘Drac’ Bingo

We have had great feedback from our Drag Bingo with the amazing Victoria Secret. She’ll be more than happy to vamp it up for “Drac Bingo”.

2. Paint By The Pints – Halloween Edition

Another virtual favourite with a Halloween Twist is Paint by the Poltergeist!

3. Haunted Dublin City – Walking Tours

If some people want to get out and about we can arrange spooky, socially distant walking tours of Dublin around the spookiest streets.

4. Haunted Hikes

For the really brave we can arrange a guided dusk hike to one of Ireland’s most devilish demesne, followed by some traditional treats and hot drinks in one of Ireland’s most haunted buildings.

5. Spooky Storytelling for Kids

We can’t leave out the kiddos. Treat them to some live storytelling with comedian and Panto Veteran Tom O’Mahony and his wife the Baroness Natasha.

6. Candlelit Tales – Virtual

Samhain is an Irish holiday of course. Reconnect with the true heritage of Halloween with some traditional Irish spooky storytelling. Candlelit Tales retell the stories of Ireland’s grisly mythology and folklore in an expressive, natural, and accessible style. Their musicians even score the stories with immersive, evocative, and original music.

7. Pick Your Poison – BOO-zy Mixing Classes

Okay, not potions. But even better – cocktails with a twist! Learn to make the perfect Bloody Mary or Black Russian.

8. Virtual Deception Artist

Blow your team’s minds with an interactive, mind-bending virtual magic and mentalism show from the incredible Rua.

Want to treat your staff to a spine-tinglingly fun virtual Halloween party?

We’ve plenty more ideas up our sleeve.

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