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Unlock Creativity: How We Foster Creativity In Pluto

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Working in a Creative Agency means we are surrounded by wonderfully creative people. Some people have “creative” in their title but we know that everyone in Pluto can contribute creativity in many different ways.

It is widely acknowledged that creativity is like a muscle – one that you can exercise regularly to make even better. The more you work on your creativity- the stronger it gets!

There are a few strategies that can be helpful in improving creativity -

  • Being open to new ideas: remain curious!

  • Being persistent: continued practice builds skills that contribute to creativity.

  • Make time for creativity- setting aside a little time each day or each week specifically to brainstorm, practice, learn, or create.

There are a couple of ways we challenge each other in Pluto to exercise our creativity:

1. Walking meetings - walking is known to help increase focus and motivation and fight fatigue. Research shows that taking a walk can boost creativity compared to remaining sitting. Luckily for us, Pluto HQ is on the banks of the Dodder, so we have lovely surroundings to take a quick walking meeting to get the creative juices flowing.

2. One Minute Wednesdays – for a little mid-week challenge we do the One Minute Brief. Founded by the Bank of Creativity the task is: one rule, one minute, create an ad. We have a lot of fun with this one and get to see creatives from all over the world work on the same brief. A little competition never hurt anyone!

3. Learning new things – we are staunch learners in Pluto and many of us are doing courses at the moment (shout out to Susan who just got a 1st in her Masters whilst working full time!)

We are also members of IAPI, WPI, ICAD and APMC who regularly schedule webinars and in-person sessions with industry leaders and present best-in-class work which feeds our curiosity and keeps our minds active. We tend to feel happier and more fulfilled in our careers when we are constantly learning.

4. Change of scenery – our Creative Director Cormac is very good at noticing when there is a lull in the team energy and encourages a change of scenery. The team have taken breaks to go to museums, art galleries, play basketball games and even jump in the sea to reinvigorate and get that blood pumping. Forcing a change of scenery can clear creative blocks and helps our brains to process new surroundings and in turn, think in new, creative, ways.

5. Promoting psychological safety – this is when people feel included, safe to learn, safe to contribute, and safe to challenge the status quo – all without fear of retribution. Research shows that when people feel psychologically safe at work, they are more willing to push the bar for themselves and their colleagues which puts them in a stronger position to create great work. ­­Psychological safety is something we place great value on in Pluto through regular training, collaboration, feedback channels, promotion of curiosity, and workplace culture.


How do you and your team promote creativity at work?

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