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7 Irish TikTok Stars You Should Be Following

The key to TikTok brand success is creating fresh, dynamic and entertaining content. To do this, you will need to partner with the right TikTok creators for your brand. We’d like to think we are experts in this field by now as we have had our fingers on the pulse of the Irish TikTok talent for nearly two years. So here’s our list of established and upcoming Irish TikTok to have on your radar:

Lauren Whelan

Lauren, 19, is Ireland’s answer to Charli D’Amelio. Like Charli, Lauren has risen to fame on Irish Tiktok for her relatable dance routines as well as her own takes on Tiktok trends. Her 1.4 million fans love her comedic lip syncing and Gen-Z content.

As a college student, Lauren also keeps her fans up to date with fashion and beauty tips. She has managed to maintain a loyal, trusting following while building a large global reach.

Ryan Mar

Ryan, 22, is best known for his comedy sketches across TikTok and Instagram. Regularly creating satirical skits about playing PlayStation, conversations with his “girlfriend” or “friends”, where Ryan plays all parts.

Ryan doesn’t take life too seriously and likes to make people laugh. Ryan’s followers are extremely loyal, they don’t just watch one video, they watch them all. He can seamlessly integrate your brand into one of his skits that he knows his fans will enjoy.

Kyle Kehoe

With a love for all things sports related, Kyle has fans from all across the UK and Ireland flocking to his Tiktok to hear his predictions, commentary and comedic takes on trends and observations. The self-proclaimed “CEO of car park football”, shows off his tricks and skills to popular songs on the app generating tens of thousands of views daily. His football content and positive demeanour resonates with sports fans and keeps them coming back for more. If your brand is looking to appeal to males in Ireland and the UK, Kyle is your guy.

Tom Hyland

Tom is best known for his school and teenage life comedy sketches. He has a large US and Irish following and is the perfect brand partner if you want to reach a younger audience.

Tom is a drama student, so he really gives his sketches his all. He is well beyond his years in terms of production quality and script writing and is definitely one to watch in the comedy sketch realm.

Cian Mooney

Cian is a 19 year old psychology student and content creator. His mission is to create relatable videos for his followers, which include his own takes on the latest trends and vlogs about his relationship which have led him to acquire a large LGBTQ+ following.

Cian’s videos are carefully thought through to ensure maximum relatability and hilarity, appealing to 16–25-year-olds. He loves fashion and photography. Cian is new to sponsored content and will offer your brand a fresh perspective.

Destiny Ese

Destiny Ese is making waves on the For You Page in the UK and US. The 19 year old health care assistant is rising in virality due to her ‘Mam Pranks’ where she shares her mother’s reactions to her latest antics.

Her audience is made up of all different ages and all she wants to do is make them smile. At 145k followers currently, we predict her popularity will continue to grow over the next few months.

Griffin Hurley

Griffin, 20, is a student from Cork. His niche is Irish comedy sketches, and his followers love him for it. He has a variety of characters he likes to play, with ‘little Irish brother’ and ‘Irish vs American’ being fan favorites.

His sketches consistently hit the mark with his audience, receiving an average of 160k views per video. Griffin’s page is a great way to reach a high value Irish audience.

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