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It's immersive. It's full screen, sound-on, all in, and it's redefining social media engagement.

In the midst of these uncertain times, where are 800 million people worldwide hanging out? TikTok!

What are they looking for? Entertaining and engaging content relevant to them.

What does the TikTok algorithm reward? – High-quality, highly engaging, targeted content – generated by the top TikTok creators.

We have built relationships with a network of top Irish TikTok creators and influencers who have hundreds of thousands of dedicated followers.

We have developed an important environment of trust, communication, and creativity essential for strong, successful brand collaborations.

campaign concepts

We offer a full creative studio bursting with compelling and insightful concepts to bring your brand’s marketing objectives to the forefront in this exciting new, digital space.

creator management

We have great relationships with our content creators and we will take care of the day to day management and communications.


We’ve a full team of designers and animators that can add and an extra artistic flare to really make your campaign pop. 


We crunch the numbers and report back to you with vital campaign stats so that you know exactly how your campaign performed. 

what we offer

meet some of our creators


lauren whelan

Lauren, 18, is Ireland’s answer to Charli D’Amelio (Tiktok’s biggest star worldwide). Like Charli, Lauren has risen to fame on Irish Tiktok for her relatable dance routines as well as her own takes on Tiktok trends.

Lauren is a trained dancer and gymnastics coach and can choreograph routines for Tiktok as well as smash the increasingly difficult Tiktok dance trends emerging. Her 250k fans love her comedic lip syncing and Gen-Z content. Lauren is a fluent Irish speaker and one to watch as Ireland’s teens flock to Tiktok. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.33.22.png

king ye

Aptly named King, this 19-year-old creator wins at Tiktok transitions, filters, and duets. His slick video editing skills make sure his Tiktoks have lots of surprises. His content is all about comedy and King loves the platform that social media give him to express himself.

King is also a keen dancer and can smash any of the latest Tiktok dance trends with his own style.  


fionnuala murray

Hailing from Armagh, Fionnuala’s presence on Tiktok dates way back to the days. ​

Her followers love her comedic takes on popular trends and her ability to do accents and impressions keeps them coming back for more. ​

Her honest stories and attempts at makeup and hair tips and tricks are popular among viewers.​


ryan mar

Ryan is best known for his comedy sketches across tiktok and Instagram.


Regularly creating satirical skits about playing PlayStation, conversations with his “girlfriend” or “friends” (Ryan plays all parts in these skits).


Ryan doesn’t take life too seriously and likes to make people laugh.


jacob donegan

With 1 million followers on Tiktok – Jacob is one of Ireland’s top followed creators on the platform. His loyal fans, known as JaCubs, love his mantra of “positive vibes only”.

Jacob promotes self-care and keeping social media platforms a safe space for young people. His light hearted content includes lip syncing, dancing and duets while also promoting LGBT positivity.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.47.18.png

shauna healy

Dublin native, Shauna is known by her Tiktok fans as Call Me Shaun. Shauna promotes good vibes only on her Tiktok with lipsyncs, makeup tutorials, comedy, and challenges.

With 14 years of training in Irish Dancing and Hip Hop Shauna is no stranger to perfecting dance moves and uses this background to keep up with all the latest TikTok dance trends.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.45.42.png

amy barter

Amy is a 19-year-old UCD student who is an expert lip-sync Tiktokker and dancer. Her take on Irish life, university life, and all things teenage life keeps her fans coming back for more.

Both her Irish and American following love her positive and comedic content. Amy also loves vlogging and aspires to branch out to Youtube one day. She aims to use her platforms to spread positivity and feel-good content.


kyle kehoe

With a love for all things sports related, Kyle aka Little Mush, has fans from all across the UK and Ireland flocking to his Tiktok to hear his predictions, commentary and comedic takes on trends and observations.

The self-proclaimed “CEO of car park football”, Kyle shows off his tricks and skills to popular songs on the app generating tens of thousands of views daily. His football content and positive demeanour resonates with sports fans and keeps them coming back for more.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.33.51.png

miriam mullens

Cork-based Miriam has an ever-growing presence on Tiktok and Instagram. Her take on Irish life – mammies, school, friends, and “storytimes” keep viewers coming back for more.

Miriam posts style tips and outfits of the day with a large cross-over audience to her Instagram. Her recent 6-month stint working in America has kept her followers glued to her channels. Miriam also dances and lipsyncs.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.45.56.png

leila ecker

With almost half a million followers, Leila keeps her followers entertained with relatable, trendy, and funny videos.

Leila shows off her fun, confident, and easy-going personality through fashion, make-up, and dance inspired content.

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