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When a house is not a home…


We are all familiar with the classic teaser, ‘When is a house not a house?’

To which the traditional riposte is, ‘When it’s your home.’ However, lately at Pluto we have discovered an alternative answer, ‘When it’s your office.’

We have now spent just over a month in our new offices and the impact to date has far exceeded expectations. This is driven by a number of things. First off is the fact that everything is shiny and new so it’s naturally getting a bit more TLC. Secondly the new offices are designed to inspire our customers as much as ourselves. We were fortunate to have some great help in this area from ‘Think Design’ in this area.

But the most important change is the manner in which people are interacting. Minute by minute there is less background noise so people are working better but more important to us is the time people are spending chatting. There is a lovely cafe area (we’re still trying to find a good name for it – suggestions are welcome) that now hosts people at lunch time. That’s right our Plutonites are actually leaving their desks and sitting down together for a bit of a natter and some laughs. And even better, whereas before we used to find that making coffee was a bit of a free for all it’s now more of an occasion where people tend to go down in groups of 2 or 3 and have a catch up.

Small changes one could argue and if you’re asking whether they will guarantee us record profits this year then the answer would be probably not. But it might help keep the people we value a bit happier and more motivated. And that’s priceless.

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