what we do

our four pillars

pluto live

Because nothing beats being there, and nobody beats Pluto at making it memorable

pluto art

Because great design is as much an art as a science – and we’re masters of both.

pluto shop

Because those last few yards are where the battle for purchases are fought most fiercely.

pluto share

Because if it’s not shared, it’s not working.

shopper marketing

We understand where people shop, how people shop, how they consume media and most importantly, how they might enjoy interacting with your brand… We just get it!

live events

Back in the day, Pluto was established as a dedicated event management company – and we’re still one of Ireland’s top dogs in this area.


We create experiences for brands to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships with their customers through positive engagement.

digital content & strategy

If it’s not being shared, it’s not working. Our digital and social team specialise in creating digital and social marketing strategies, and on-the-pulse content that get results.

creative concepts

We’re a tribe of thinkers always pushing the boundaries and coming up with innovative creative concepts that bring your campaign to life.


We have an in-house team of multi-disciplinary creatives that are always on hand to produce eye-popping design work, no matter what the medium.