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At Pluto, we know shopper marketing inside-out. 

The rules, the mechanics, the Point of Sale, the retailer preferences. 

We understand on-trade, off-trade, online, and in-store.

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The Future of Retail: Is it Online or Offline?

Retailers have faced a host of challenges, long before restrictions and lockdowns became part of everyday life. Many brick and mortar retailers were struggling and as we re-emerge from lockdowns into the new psychological and social territory, shoppers are now more and more comfortable souring their next purchase online.

Shopper Marketing: In-store Competitions – Do They Really Work?

The retail experience has changed in ways that no one could have ever predicted. As shoppers want less human interaction, popular in-store techniques such as sampling are now out of the question. But what about another popular marketing activity in the retail environment – in-store competitions? Do they work, and is there a place for them in the new retail environment?