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TRAMLINE – Event Space Newcomer


Tramline is the newest kid on the Dublin 2 block. A venue refurbishment thats been bubbling under the radar for a while now, never indicating to the most shocking surprise it held – the scale of the space, it’s absolutely massive! Tramline has the capacity to house an attendance of up to 900, making it a very welcome addition to city centre event spaces.

From the exterior, it’s very unassuming, tucked away neatly on Hawkins street with a simple overhead sign that looks like it’s been there forever. You then progress down a themed stairway entrance with rusted metal and reclaimed industrial dressing, almost giving a sense of entering an abandoned subway station or a Dublin Dungeon experience. Upon entering the main area, it’s clear that Tramline needed this visual theme to tie the vast space together and unify a solid brand aesthetic. With the recent addition of TOKEN to the bar scene, perhaps themed bars the are set to become the new trend, taking over the popular Dive bar setup.

The two main bars are impressive, constructed from poured concrete slabs that have the logo in relief, something we haven’t seen before (as a plus, the drinks are strong and the staff are attentive!) In contrast, the furniture and seating areas are stylish and contemporary – Tramline manages to perfectly balance an exposed Berlin-esque feel with something more tasteful and refined. A sense of warmth is brought through the space by using yellow and gold hued lighting. The attention to detail is clear and admirable and upholds the goal of Tramline appealing as both a super nightclub and a hang out area.

Tramline perhaps displayed its biggest potential in the form of the stage and sound system. It seems like a perfect set-up to host intimate gigs of any kind. A state of the art sound system has been installed with a substantial AV booth acting as the control deck. It clearly has the scope to take its position as a more central and better spec Whelans-like venue.

The main space has something for everyones tastes on a night out, whether you want to chat, dance, chillout or be less social and charge your phone (there’s a tonne of USB charging points!) Tramline boasts another space towards the back that acts as the Matzaluna restaurant focal area, featuring another bar and stunning bronze-cast pizza oven. Seating is housed in cute cubby holes that were fitted into existing archways along the wall. It’s worth noting this area can be accessed from its own entrance on D’Olier street meaning both areas could be rented separately depending on the numbers and event function.

The potential this venue has is vast and we at Pluto can’t wait to work together with Tramline on future events!

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