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Our Top 3 Unique Dublin Venues



D-Light Studios is a warehouse and multimedia space located in Dublin’s north city centre. In the past, it has been used primarily for film, tv and photography uses. However, D-Light now openly welcome unique activations and innovative uses for their space, which is ideal for what we do. D-Light are highly supportive of creative enterprises and have very few limits when it comes using their venue. 

D-Light is ideal for a multitude of activities such as art exhibitions, theatre shows, dance and music performances, wedding ceremonies, dining events, project launches, private functions, rehearsals, exercise classes, aerial acrobatics training and set building. It is the epitome of a blank canvas space. The size and character of the venue makes it incredibly attractive for anyone wanting to host an exclusive shoot, project or event at the space.

There are two studios in D-Light, both with a changing room, make-up area and access to basic kitchen facilities making the venue easy to adjust to meet the needs of any bespoke event.


Number Twenty-Two is a unique and exclusive venue that has distinctly superior areas available for all types of events. Tucked away on South Anne’s Street, the seemingly unassuming exterior gives no indication to the vast space hidden behind the blue door. 

The Library Bar takes you to a world of your own far away from the noise of Grafton Street. You can sit by a blazing fire and embrace the atmosphere surrounding you while delighting in food prepared by the talented culinary team.

The Theatre Club is where Number Twenty-Two really comes into it’s own. A visually stunning space that manages to seem vast but allows guests to still feel intimate. This space can be adapted to suit any event, from a sit down dinner to a standing concert. The Theatre Club hosts it’s SPECTACLE and MASQUERADE club nights on weekends and one of our personal favourites, CAFE SOCIETY a fantastic prohibition themed live Jazz night.


Many will remember the iconic Stella Theatre in Rathmines closed down in 2004. In June 2017, it will be revamped and revitalised to return it to its former glory and more. This vintage style cinema will be reverted to its original style along with a completely refurbished ornate ceiling.

While all the blockbuster films and art-house movies will be shown here, cinephiles will rejoice as it also looks set to screen classic films as well. The theme of the stylish interior is showcase burlesque-elegance with unique but comfortable furniture and an ornate yet relaxed atmosphere. Guests can indulge in delicious cocktails or a meal before their screening.

Not only will movie-lovers enjoy this venue but the cinema can host a multitude of different events. With a seated capacity of 220 people, the venue is perfect for daytime conferences, private screenings or bespoke evening events. More and more in Dublin, event agencies are looking for the most unique and exclusive venue options and we think that Stella ticks all these boxes.

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