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The Power of the Pop-Up | V-Face Dublin



V-Face is the brains of Sarah Boland. Passionate about plant-based food, she started V-Face under the original moniker of Vurgerface, out of The Belfry Pub in Stoneybatter. An experienced Graphic Designer, she set up her van, her brand and brought plant-based food to Dubliners a few days a week.

Where did the idea for V-Face originate from?

I went backpacking in Peru this time last year and came home with the idea for V-face so I guess maybe somewhere on top of Machu Picchu or maybe in one of the vegan haunts in Lima! I’ve always loved food and wanted to run my own place, but I think the Peru expedition was the final boot up the ass I needed. It made me realise it was now or never. 

You have a background in Graphic Design. How important was that in launching V-Face considering how cognisant any business/brand must be towards social media/digital presence?

I don’t think I would have been able to do it if I had to outsource as I wasn’t in a financial position for this at the time. Also, I think designing the brand myself has given me a closer connection to it and has pushed me to delve deeper into what it was and what it was that I wanted to achieve. 

There’s been a shift in the traditional pop-up and the demand for them as permanent city fixtures. What makes them work in your opinion?

I think it’s a win win in a bar / pop-up relationship as the pop-up draws more people into the bar and the for the pop-up, the bar is a good space to launch at a low cost. In other instances, like for example a short – term rent through popertee, again, it’s a chance for the brand to test the waters and pop-up for a short amount of time, without getting tied into long term contracts. 

Have there been any specific pop-ups across the years that really resonated with you? 

Lucky tortoise, Kale & Coco and Buttercream dream are all doing great jobs in the sense they are moving onto the next stage of permanent residency after successful pop-up trials. 

What does the future hold for V-Face? 

The future is bright for V-face (we hope). We are currently securing our new/permanent home and will be updating more news on this shortly. 

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