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Social Listening after the Pope’s visit: Skoda

Social listening is a powerful tool and allows a brand to identify and assess what is being said about their company/product across social. Social listening is imperative to form analysis from current/conquest customers and ultimately take insights. Social listening is often formative for a new brand launch, content strategies or brand re-positioning.

We scanned Google Trends to see a spike in search terms for ‘Skoda’ comparative to the 7 days previous. Uplift peaked across August 26th and 25th respectively.

We also did a quick topic and keyword search across social for Skoda, to gauge the earned media won across the weekend. Facebook’s closed API meant we measured volume across Twitter and forums. Ireland was the main country with a voice across social, with other countries associated in the search having high volumes of Irish expats.

This social listening exercise is explicitly monitoring Skoda across August 20th – August 27th, and the sentiment associated with the brand was overwhelmingly positive. Sentiment scoring will align irony, humour, sarcasm and contextualised sentiment into positive/negative buckets. While sentiment analysis isn’t perfect, we need it as a starting point to understand public sentiment in aggregate. Demographic breakdown of those posting was skewed 2:1 towards males.

Across the 7-day period unique reach amounted to 3,272,619 with a delivery of 3,927,127 impressions, with our tracked keyword ‘Skoda’ reaching 68% of the entire Irish population. While not definitive, we can make a safe assumption that some of the 32% not reached don’t have social media accounts or are of an age too young to be online. Related topics that users were associating along with our tracked keyword, are broken down in keyword bubbles below.

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Clare O’Hanlon – Social and Digital 

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