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Supporting a network of young, passionate science communicators in debunking COVID-19 myths & educate their peers.

The SciComm Collective aims to inspire and empower young people to live safely within the COVID-19 public health guidelines, to encourage uptake of COVID-19 vaccines, and to address any common myths circulating about the virus.


With our client The Department of Health, we supported the creation and evolution of the SciComm Collective on TikTok & Instagram, providing a strategic creative approach, social strategy, organic social management, and weekly content creation consultation to the Communicators.


Our objective was to support the existence of a network of young professionals with a background in and a love for science, who can break down COVID-19 information and provide the latest vaccine and virus updates.


The network aims to reach 18 – 30-year-old's in Ireland, bringing informative, digestible, and interesting content to this cohort via platforms they are using daily - Instagram and TikTok. The group regularly create content, upload, and post information through their social media channels and @scicommcollective_ire, sharing their experiences and expertise, as well as practical advice on living safely within the COVID-19 public health guidelines. They have the opportunity to speak with Public Health figures and ask questions their peers are interested in, informing the content they then create.

SciComm Collective has been ongoing since April 2021, and publishes new content daily, with some videos reaching up to 200,000 young people. 

SciComm Collective has also received widespread media coverage through national news outlets such as Virgin Media Television.

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