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Live Social Coverage at
Balmoral Show 2023


During the Balmoral Show in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, our client safefood took centre stage by conducting cooking demonstrations with renowned chefs. These demos highlighted the importance of using a meat thermometer to ensure meat is cooked to a safe internal temperature of 75 degrees. To capture the excitement and engage the audience, our dedicated digital and social team was present throughout the four-day event. 

Campaign Strategy

Our team captured every second of our clients activity at the Balmoral Show, highlighting their message in an exciting, engaging way through Instagram Stories and Reels. To maximise the impact of our social media campaign at the Balmoral Show, we implemented a strategic approach of selecting one compelling piece of content from our organic Instagram Stories each day and amplifying it through Meta ads. Our targeting efforts were specifically geared towards individuals aged 35+ with a keen interest in cooking, ensuring that our boosted content reached a wider audience beyond our organic reach.




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