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 Permanent TSB Summit 2021

Leading with Purpose in 2021

Permanent TSB tasked Pluto with the challenge of executing their very first internal virtual event for 2,500 people.

Objective: A full production virtual event with full engagement options for all 2,500 viewers.

Viewers leave motivated, inspired, and empowered to lead the Bank through the next phase of our journey – change and transformation.


Approach: Our approach was to ensure a high level of production and platform which allowed for engagement features and a simple experience for viewers while adhering to tight security protocol procedures.

Content was key to maintaining viewer engagement therefore, a mix of video, entertainment, live case studies, speaker setups and backgrounds were utilised along with an integrated full graphics package to enhance the overall look and feel developed by our studio.


Results: This was an incredible event to work on with such a collaborative and results-driven client striving for the best possible experience from start to finish. The feedback was incredible and shows what can be achieved with great collaboration.

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