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Shopper Marketing: In-store Competitions – Do They Really Work?

The retail experience has changed in ways that no one could have ever predicted. As shoppers want less human interaction, popular in-store techniques such as sampling are now out of the question. But what about another popular marketing activity in the retail environment – in-store competitions? Do they work, and is there a place for them in the new retail environment?

We strongly believe that the answer is yes – but only if executed correctly. Here are five simple tips to make sure that your next in-store competition makes a real impact for your brand.

1. Give people a real chance to win

Shoppers are attracted to multiple lower value prizes with a better chance of winning than a high-value prize. Make it attainable for the shopper to have a reasonable chance of winning. A trip to the Maldives or hundreds of takeaway vouchers are up for grab – we’ll let you decide for yourself which option would give you a better chance of winning!

2. Create a compelling call-to-action

Make it clear, make it simple and make it disruptive. Whether it’s ‘win every hour’ or ‘win every day’, the communication needs to stop the shopper in their tracks.

3. Choose the right entry mechanic for your audience

Consider your choice of mechanic wisely. Are your target audience tech-savvy and on the lookout to try new things? Or are they looking for a simple, hassle-free route to entry such as a free text line?

4. Find a happy medium

The ideal competition should be a perfect fit for your brand and its audience – but should also reflect the retailer’s values when it comes to prizes, mechanics, etc. For example, do they focus on quality, price, or maybe local provenance? Striking a balance between what success looks like for both the brand and the retailer will be where the most value is added for the shopper.

5. Consider the full shopper journey

Don’t leave it all until the last three feet to communicate the offering to shoppers in-store. Whether it’s through a digital or out-of-home strategy, reach the shopper across multiple touchpoints in order to drive awareness to the promotion.

If you’re looking to run a customer overlay that drives sales, encourages engagement, and increases loyalty, we’d love to help.

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