July 23, 2019 / Insights

Pluto’s Innovation Station: Vol.1

Welcome to the Pluto: Innovation Station where we compile a round-up of our favourite industry innovations from around the world – from jaw-dropping activations to out-of-this world events, to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.


1. Desperados Rave – Phone Light Display

Inspired by the growing trend of ‘unplugged parties’ (leave your phone at the door, essentially), Desperados hosted a massive rave where attendees had could swap their phones for beer and reclaim the dance floor. The phones were then used to create an impressive video light show – with each phone acting as a light pixel and reacting to the DJs music. The result was an epic, immersive light display. This event is just the first in a series of Desperado events called “Epic Parties Imagined By You”.

“Born out of wild experimentation, we have a bold mindset which led us to push the boundaries when dreaming up our latest series of acts,” said Desperados’ brand director Diederik Vos. “Our goal was to ignite the party spirit with creativity and experimentation, but we wanted to give partygoers around the world the opportunity to shape their own party adventures. This led us to co-create a series of epic parties and festivals imagined by partygoers.”

This is a stellar example of experiential done right!

2. Airbnb – Night at the Museum

An experience like no other! Airbnb has invited a lucky competition entrant to sip Champagne with the Mona Lisa and dine by the Venus de Milo and an acoustic concert in Napoleon III’s opulent flats, before retiring for the night inside the iconic Pyramid at the Musée d’Lourve in Paris.

Airbnb are no strangers to pulling these type of stunts. Previously, Airbnb offered daring customers the chance to win a night in Paris Catacombs.

3.  Bleed for the Throne – HBO & American Red Cross

Arya, Cersei, Jon and Tyrion, have all bled for the throne. To celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones, HBO and the American Red Cross forged an alliance, challenging fans and donors to show their bravery and valor by bleeding #ForTheThrone. Check it out here.

4. Corona Trash Wall at Ipanema Beach

To highlight the global issue of plastic in the Earth’s oceans, Corona erected a massive trash wall blocking access to a seaside hotspot in Brazil. Swimmers, surfers and sunloungers were left stunned when they tried to hit the beach but were stopped by the wall, and a sign that read, “One day, the trash left on the beach will stop you from getting into it.”

Shockingly, the 15 x 2 metre wall was made using plastics collected on the beach over just a three day period.