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Let Me Be Me

Neurodiversity Ireland 

We were honoured to create a mini documentary amplifying the voices of Neurodivergent people in Ireland to communicate how we can be truly inclusive, while raising much needs funds for a Sensory Centre in Dublin.

The Task
Neurodiversity Ireland tasked Pluto with creating a video as part of a fundraising project to raise money for a first of its kind, sensory therapy centre in Dublin. The objectives of this brief were:

  • Encourage monetary donations to fund sensory space

  • Communicate the need for a sensory centre in Dublin

  • Audience to understand the problems faced by neurodivergent children

  • Audience to understand the grave lack of support currently

  • Audience to understand the infinite potential of neurodivergent children


Let me be me was an emotion video content piece which amplified the voices of Neurodivergent young people in Ireland, telling the story of Neurodiversity and how beautiful thinking differently makes our society.


The video was initial briefed ahead of a fundraising ball to be played directly before the charity auction section to encourage donations. €170,000 was raised at the Auction to go towards the creation of a Sensory Centre in Dublin. 

The video is now being repurposed for social due to its positive impact. 

The sentiment from Neurotypical viewers reflected how much of an impact the content and narrative had on them. Example:


“I was moved by the eloquence and honesty of the people filmed here. I owe some people I came across in my life an apology for a lack of care and attention. I am very sorry for my misreading of the real fight some people faced in our 'its my way or the highway' world. I grew up in a world where not fitting in meant isolation and loneliness for way too many people. Thank you for highlighting the need for change now, so powerfully, in this beautiful and important video”.

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