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Mini Cheddars Launch


Following on from Mini Cheddars hugely successful UK launch, we were given the opportunity to bring a ‘moment of cheeky cheesy pleasure’ to the Irish market by designing and executing a multilayer launch plan.

The Task

- From the start, our objective was clear: to stand out, disrupt the norm, and differentiate ourselves from the competition in a crowded market.

- Our goal was to drive awareness, encourage trial, and capture attention in a compelling way.


Standing out meant thinking outside the box (literally) with our instore displays, we created dynamic eye-catching WOW units that differentiated us in the crowded aisles. Standing out meant using Mini Cheddars highly visible branding across OOH locations across the country.


Standing out meant collaborating with influencers who have highly engaged audiences that were willing to share their own cheeky cheesy moments in the hope to win an instapix camera to capture their future moments. Standing out meant using comedy duo the Sharpson brothers to create a Gogglebox style VOD, sharing their favourite cheeky moment, cheesy chat up lines and awful dad jokes to cut through the noise of social media and reach our target audience.


Click-thru Rate


Through VOD & Digital Audio Ads



Influencer Reach 


Online impressions through various digital touch points.

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