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McVitie's VIB's

[FMCG marketing]

Creating a 360° brand experience

The key objective for McVitie’s in 2020 was to attract the younger shopper back into Everyday

Treats category, and to trade up amongst that cohort with a new and exciting offering. - McVitie's V.I.Bs'!


We launched McVitie’s V.I.Bs (Very Important Biscuits) across three delicious and contemporary flavours: blood orange, chocolate hazelnut and caramel. McVitie's V.I.B's are biscuits that have been upgraded to give a little bit of luxury and a truly immersive snacking experience.

The V.I.Bs were definitely McVitie's finest biscuits to date and so for the launch, they wanted to see what the public thought! Turns out they are almost too tasty to put into words which resulted in the campaign 'Very Important Biscuits. Very Hard to Describe.'

To effectively deliver the results we set out to achieve, the V.I.B campaign disrupted the consumer journey across multiple touchpoints including OOH, TV & VOD, Social, Shopper Marketing and PR, in order to create a seamless brand experience across multiple touchpoints.

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