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Lifestyle Sports

Your Life. Your Style. Your Sport.

your life. your style. your sport.

With the sudden surge of users migrating to the ever-growing video-based app, TikTok, brands were forced to reimagine their marketing strategies to keep up with the times. LifeStyle Sports was one of such brands on the ball, seeking to launch their presence on the platform. LifeStyle set out to reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and build brand affinity. At the same time, the brand desired to increase their following across other platforms, such as Instagram. 

The main goal being - build meaningful relationships with their target audience, while taking people’s minds off the COVID-19 pandemic.



Taking this into consideration, we reached out to 4 of Ireland’s leading TikTok creators (Lauren Whelan, Jacob Donegan, Kyle Kehoe, and Matty Gilbert) to launch a competition on TikTok. The campaign encouraged viewers to show “Your Life, Your Style, Your Sport” by creating a short video showcasing their favourite pastimes, be it sport, art, fashion, dance, and so on. The entrants were encouraged to use branded hashtags and to tag 1 of 4 creators, to allow for easy tracking of entries.

We divided the campaign into a series of videos. The TikTokker’s started by creating an introduction video explaining the guidelines of the campaign. This was followed by a solo video, which showed Lauren, Jacob, Kyle, Matty, and Maria showing their favourite pastime, i.e, dancing, football, and fitness. Once the winners were chosen, their video was duetted via TikTok. Winners were rewarded with a generous prize, while also getting recognition from their favourite creators in front of thousands of viewers. The TikTokker’s also promoted the campaign across their Instagram stories, which created great cross-promotional content for LifeStyle.



The results were fantastic. We were pleased to achieve an impressive 290,000+ hashtag views over the course of a week. The influencer’s reached a combined 227,000+ views on their sponsored content, accumulating 25,000+ likes. The response was extremely positive, amounting to 70 entries in the competition.

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