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Lambay Legends

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Lambay Legends

Lambay Irish Whiskey is a portfolio of Irish Whiskeys that bring a unique cognac cask finish to the Irish whiskey category. Launched in New York in March 2018, Lambay has continued to grow and is now available in 25 countries and 10 Duty-Free shops around the world.

The US Market was Lambay’s key priority for this year’s St. Patricks Day and Pluto were tasked with leveraging the brand as an Irish Whiskey with a difference in both off-premise and on-premise accounts, with a US activation concept.

We created a toolkit physical and digital toolkit that brought a sense of curiosity and fun to their US teams and consumers to interact with the brand.


Lambay Island is a place of “mystery, secrets and legendary stories” so our campaign narrative was formed around taking your place among the Legends of Ireland. We created a range of ‘Legend’ style Irish mythology and folklore props and some modern-day tools but in the illustrative sketchy style of the brand.  This St Patricks Day our Lambay Legends toolkit comes to life in over 250 bars across 9 states in the US.

How we brought Lambay Legends to life digitally


We used branded Gifs as the main engagement mechanic for entry. We created a branded Giphy channel for Lambay as well as customised gifs to digitise the toolkit icons. Powered through Instagram Stories, the entry mechanic meant consumers had to interact with Lambay’s US Instagram and get creative.

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