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Lambay Legends

Lambay Irish Whiskey

Lambay Irish Whiskey, a unique portfolio of Irish whiskeys with a cognac cask finish, aimed to establish its brand as an Irish whiskey with a difference in the US market during St. Patrick's Day. Pluto, a creative agency, was entrusted with the task of creating a captivating US activation concept for Lambay.

The objective was to engage both off-premise and on-premise accounts, utilising a physical and digital toolkit that would evoke curiosity and fun among Lambay's US teams and consumers.

Drawing inspiration from the enigmatic Lambay Island, known for its mystery, secrets, and legendary stories, Pluto designed the campaign narrative around the idea of becoming a part of the Legends of Ireland. To embody this concept, a collection of Irish mythology and folklore props, alongside modern-day tools, was created. The visual style of these assets embraced the brand's sketchy and illustrative aesthetic.

The Lambay Legends toolkit was brought to life in over 250 bars across nine states in the US, capturing the essence of St. Patrick's Day. The bars were adorned with the Legend-style props, immersing patrons in the enchanting world of Irish folklore and mythology. This physical presence created an interactive and memorable experience for consumers, reinforcing Lambay's unique positioning.

To amplify the campaign's reach, digital engagement played a pivotal role. Branded GIFs served as the primary mechanism for consumer participation. Pluto established a dedicated Giphy channel for Lambay, hosting a collection of customised GIFs that digitised the toolkit icons. Leveraging Instagram Stories, the entry mechanic required consumers to interact with Lambay's US Instagram account and unleash their creativity


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