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Jaffa Jonuts Launch


Targeting the 18-30-year-old demographic, the campaign aimed to drive innovation, increase penetration among younger shoppers, position the brand new Jaffa Jonuts as an everyday treat, and recreate the excitement generated by its successful UK launch.

Campaign Strategy
The campaign revolved around the theme of "Escaping the Daily Routine" and indulging in Jonuts. Multiple strategies were employed to achieve the objectives.

In-Store Promotion & Activation
To boost in-store awareness, the campaign utilised various in-store point-of-sale (POS) materials. Shoppers were engaged through a competition offering a chance to win a trip to Centre Parcs by "Escaping the Daily Routine." FSDUs, Aisle Fins, digital screens, and online touchpoints on retailers' websites were leveraged to communicate the competition and drive traffic towards McVitie's social channels, further engaging customers.

PR Drop
Key influencers whose audience aligned with Jonuts' target market received a Jonut Wall PR drop. The Jonut Wall highlighted six recommended consumption times throughout the day, effectively communicating the suggested moments of indulgence.

Press Release

Simultaneously, a press release was issued to generate excitement and awareness around the new Jonuts product. The press release gained significant coverage, including a feature on, and secured the competition slot, generating additional exposure for Jonuts.

Product sampling played a crucial role in the campaign's success. Tesco sample boxes, Dublin Marathon race bags, and a social sampling campaign called MVPs (Most Valuable People) were utilised. Users were encouraged to sign up through social media to receive a sample directly at their homes, further strengthening the brand's connection with the customers.


PR Reach


Across Irish media

Competition Entries


Across Irish media

Social Impressions


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