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Amplify Your Summer


In a competitive and oversaturated market, Heineken Ireland aimed to create a disruptive and engaging below-the-line activation during the summer to attract and connect with shoppers. The campaign brought together Heineken's leading Lager, Stout, and Cider brands, adopting a consumer/occasion-first and brand-second approach. With the introduction of minimum unit pricing, brands and retailers needed to find innovative ways to engage and provide value to shoppers.

Campaign Objectives


  • Tap into key moments when consumers are shopping.

  • Secure increased floor space for an extended period.

  • Create impactful in-store experiences centered around key summer occasions.

  • Increase off-trade market share.

  • Maintain nationwide in-store presence in 800 stores.

  • Install 30 WOW display units in key retailers.

  • Design a competition to keep shoppers engaged throughout the summer


The campaign aimed to target image-conscious socialisers who felt overwhelmed by the wide range of drink choices available. The strategy focused on building confidence in the Heineken Ireland portfolio as the go-to beverage for any version of oneself on summer music occasions.

The campaign emphasised the strong connection between summer and music. By positioning Heineken, Orchard Thieves, Island's Edge, and Heineken 0.0 as the perfect accompaniments to the summer music experience, the campaign invited consumers to amplify their summers and make lasting memories. The campaign aimed to be present wherever consumers went, ensuring that the portfolio had a beverage for every occasion.


  1. In-Store: A range of point-of-sale (POS) materials such as FSDUs, floor graphics, shelf talkers, and fridge posters were used in all sizes of retailers. This modular approach allowed for a presence in multiple stores.

  2. Out-of-Home (OOH): Large OOH formats and high footfall locations were utilized to create awareness and engagement along the path to purchase.

  3. E-Commerce and Social: Retailer websites and smaller stores' social media channels were used to communicate the campaign message to customers before they entered the store.


The Heineken Amplify Your Summer campaign successfully engaged Irish socialisers, increased market share, and provided a memorable summer experience.


  • Exceeded instore display target (160%)

  • Surpassed activated accounts target (137%)

  • Achieved WOW Units target (100%)

  • Implemented full WOW Takeover in all Tesco Extras

  • Maintained share of displays during critical summer period

Competition Entries


Compared to benchmark set by previous competition

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