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What is Employee Experience?


‘Employee Experience’ is the latest turn of phrase in many, if not all, companies worldwide at the moment. People have become so used to brands creating live experiences and activations in the public domain that they now expect their workplaces to factor experience into their employment offerings too – money is no longer the sole reason that a person accepts, applies for or stays in a role. The pressure is on companies to create a place where employees want to work, grow and develop their talents.

So how do brands put ‘Employee Experience’ at the forefront of their business? It goes beyond offering reduced rate gourmet lunches, on-site massages and free merchandise – which is the norm in large organisations such as Google, Indeed and Omnicom Group. Three essential elements employers must recognise in order to create and drive positive employee experience are wellbeing, culture and engagement. All three elements largely focus on social connections/events and companies are reaching out to external agencies to help create bespoke experiences for their employees.

The social events offered by companies range from corporate challenge runs, such as Couch to 5k’s or the Tough Mudder, family fun days and summer BBQ’s. Winter/Holiday parties are also becoming increasingly important, with the large tech firms producing show stopping events such as Amazon’s post-holiday party in Seattle earlier this year. Companies are also factoring retreats and ‘away days’ into their calendars on an annual basis and offering quarterly mindfulness and wellbeing workshops to ensure that employees have a good work/life balance.

With 83% of HR leaders confirming that “employee experience” is either important or very important to their organisations success (according to The Future Workplace and Beyond.com) it is clear that this is a big area of focus for companies over the coming months/years, especially as the recession becomes a distant memory and the market belongs to the job seeker again!

If you are a company or brand who feels like you may need to ‘up your game’ in this area, feel free to contact one of the team at Pluto – we’ve a wealth of experience working with best in class brands on employee experience and engagement programmes.

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