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Our client wanted to create a recognisable and approachable movement that will help Young Adults (18-24) to remain positive in light of a global pandemic, and to celebrate them for all the sacrifices they made to stop the spread of the virus.

However, as the COVID-19 situation evolved in Ireland, so did communications. Since November, we have rolled out two phases of the #Antiviral campaign.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the #antiviral movement has been encouraging young adults to share their experiences, join the conversation and live their lives within public health guidelines.   ​

Some of Ireland’s top creators promoted the #Antiviral movement by crowdsourcing questions for Dr. Ronan Glynn. The creators interviewed Dr. Glynn which was filmed and published online.


Campaign Roll-out

Step 1:

•#Antiviral Movement promoted on TikTok through Paid Ads + Influencer partnerships.

•Question crowdsourced from relevant cohort

Step 2: 

•Questions are put to Dr. Ronan Glynn in an interview hosted by TikTok influencers.

•Interview is filmed for YouTube

Step 3: 

•Video of interview is promoted across all social channels through paid ads



44.1 million impressions

1 million + engagements