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Department of Health

While the country, and indeed the world, was in the grasp of a global COVID-19 pandemic, we were tasked by the Department of An Taoiseach with developing an empathetic and pragmatic communications campaign to inspire and empower young adults to socialise safely within the public health guidelines.

Execution - Phase 1

This campaign was rolled-out in two phases over a six-month period, with each phase requiring us to be agile and responsive in our approach to address the ever-changing restrictions, case spikes and public opinion.

During a time when young people in Ireland were unfairly criticized by older generations and social media, our research showed that the actions of a few did not represent the majority. We conducted focus groups and found that 18-24 year-olds felt excluded from the COVID-19 conversation despite its significant impact on their lives. In response, we launched the #Antiviral movement with 16 of Ireland's top young content creators to encourage safe behaviour and motivate their peers.

These creators interviewed Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glynn, using questions and feedback from their followers. The conversation was shared through a dedicated #Antiviral landing page and social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube. The content creators also shared their personal stories and safety practices in their own content.

Execution - Phase 2

In 2021, the second phase of #Antiviral began as Ireland's COVID-19 situation shifted drastically. The country's daily case rate skyrocketed from one of the lowest in the world to the highest within weeks.

Our challenge was to convey the severity of the situation, encourage compliance with health measures, and empathise with young adults who were feeling discouraged. Despite daily case numbers dominating the media, we wanted to remind people that each number represented a human life impacted by the pandemic. To do this, we interviewed three young adults about their experiences with COVID-19 and created a mini-documentary for distribution on digital and audio platforms.






Online impressions through various digital touch points.

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