case studies

Bank of Ireland – Junk Kouture

Pluto were tasked with taking the pre-show experience for Bank of Ireland’s Junk Kouture to the next level. Our production featured many key touchpoints that captured our audience, created excitement and ultimately strengthened the bond between the consumer and brand. A perfect example of our design innovation and commitment to the flawless execution of experiential activations. .

Giant Selfie Mirror

The selfie mirror with a difference – using a very simple concept. We installed a giant mirror suspended overhead, tilted slightly at an angle. On the floor below we had the Junk Kouture logo printed in reverse and mirror-imaged. Standing underneath and looking up, you see yourself with the Junk Kouture logo behind you. Perfect for group selfies and an efficient way to get branded images across social channels. The scale of the structure was also visually impactful on its own.

360° Kouture Kam

A first for Ireland, a fully functioning bullet-time photography rig. We took the idea of a gif booth to the next level and allowed attendees to capture a 360 image of themselves. Comprising of a circular rig featuring fifty digital cameras which all fire simultaneously to create a ‘matrix-esque’ video. Students were encouraged to get creative with their poses and were presented with a take-home piece like no other. Given the age bracket of attendees, we knew this would be a hit on the night and post-event across social media.

Clothes Bank

We installed a bespoke clothes bank on South King’s Street in Dublin City Centre the weekend before the final. Our aim was to gain traction and create conversation surrounding the event. It also acted as a piece that would announce the campaign by the bank to turn thirty branches into clothes banks themselves, with all proceeds raised going to the Jack & Jill foundation.

Various Other Touchpoints

As well as the above, we included many more engaging touchpoints on-site – from live art battles to exhibitions.