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camp hogwarts

Facebook wanted to provide a creative themed summer party for 2,500 employees and their families.

The quintessence of a dream brief, the Harry Potter universe came to life at Facebook's Summer Party.


Pluto was tasked with creating a literal journey for 2.5k attendees from pre-comms through to execution. Across ideation, concept, creation, pre and post comms, production and management we executed a world-class escapism from muggle life into the world of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and far beyond.


Preceding any production, we had to consider the functionality of the event. Understanding how the audience would move, how to map the event space while simultaneously maintaining an atmosphere were all critical considerations with an event of this scale. These were all formative when looking to venues and key criteria for selecting All Hallows.

Blending an old theme with new technologies, we created dynamic digital screens as well as 360 cameras to provide attendees with a fully immersive Hogwarts, as if being taught by Prof. McGonagall. Bespoke builds included Diagon Alley, Forbidden Forest, and Potions Labs, dressed, designed and lit specifically for Camp Hogwarts.

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