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BeReal with How You Feel


Ireland's youth website, spunout, launched BeReal campaign, promoting healthy social media use and mental health awareness to 16-25-year-olds. The digital-first campaign used the social media app, BeReal, to encourage honesty and connection amongst friends, encouraging young people to share their true feelings.

  • Start conversations among the audience about Mental Health

  • Empower the audience to speak about their Mental Health

  • Empower and encourage audience to use social media for good

  • Create awareness that spunout are there to help with support and resources

The Task
BeReal, a hugely popular app with the target audience, provides the opportunity to connect with friends in a realistic and authentic way and has become known as the “anti-Instagram”.

Once a day, BeReal notifies all users that it's time to post on the app, with a 2-minute timer on the clock. BeReal is an alternative to the hyper-curated social media we're used to. No getting the perfect shot, these photos are rough and ready to show and tell what you’re up to.


PR Reach


Placements on Irish Independent, and Spin103.8 among other national media outlets



Online impressions through various digital touch points.


Winner of 3 APMC Awards

Shortlisted for Best Social Media at Spider Awards 2023.

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