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Behind the Scenes of An Oscar-Worthy Event



The 91st annual showcase of the best the movie industry has to offer has been described as breath-taking, unforgettable and emotional. And that, in a nutshell, sums up the three key outcomes that all event organisers want to achieve.

But how did they do this? Well here’s a quick overview of what goes into making an event like this so spectacular and so utterly memorable.

Firstly, it is not cheap! The 2019 Oscars cost approximately £34 million. The carpet alone cost £19K. The highly desired goody bags were £116K each and the cost to attend the Vanity Fair party was an eye-watering £79K per ticket.

The second issue to consider is that what you see on the night is just the tip of a planning iceberg that spans a full year. While the winners were celebrating their success, the event managers were already fully focused on 2020.

Then add in the logistical genius needed to elicit ballots from over 6,000 Academy members – not to mention counting and auditing the votes.

And even with the greatest planning in the world for the twelve months preceding the event, there’s still the nightmare of making sure that the huge numbers of acceptance speeches don’t over-run. The target is to confine each speech to 45 seconds, but this is no mean feat when you think of some of the egos on show on the night!



Then there is the issue of staffing to be considered. Quite apart from the huge team of event coordinators and suppliers, there was over 1,000 staff needed to cover things like security personnel, culinary staff, ushers – and would you believe it, a team of 18 simply to lay out the red carpet!

But despite all the difficulty in planning and executing an event of this scale, when it’s done to a really high standard, the results speak for themselves. There were over 29 million viewers on the night, plus the same again on delayed transmission channels.

It just goes to show that when you want the best event with the best results, all you need is the best team in the business.

And we should know!

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