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Pluto Offers Free Irish Translation Service
to Clients in Celebration of Seachtain na Gaeilge 

Wednesday, March 1st 2023 

Pluto, the Dublin-based creative agency, will offer free Irish translations of client communications for the month of March, in order to help promote the Irish language. 

This initiative is part of an internal and external effort to encourage the use of Irish within the company and with its clients.  

In 2022, the Advertising Provision (Section 10a of Official Languages (Amendment) Act 2021), stated that all public bodies are now obliged to do at least 20% of their annual advertising in Irish. They must also spend at least 5% of their advertising budgets on advertising in Irish in the Irish language media.  

Here at Pluto, we are taking these new requirements in our industry as an opportunity to both offer Irish language services to our clients, as well as develop our own internal appreciation and commitment to the Irish language within our office. 

Stepping inside Pluto’s office during the month of March, you will be welcomed as Gaeilge, invited to attend Irish lessons and even to compete on Duolingo. Pluto is also planning internal workshops and games accessible to any proficiency level. The agency is planning to share its learning journey on social media and believes it will inspire others to learn and use the Irish language more. 

"We are fortunate to have some wonderful wordsmiths in Pluto including a range of fluency in a number of languages” said Cathy O'Donohoe, Managing Director at Pluto. “There is a genuine love of Irish and the recent amendments to the Irish Language Act was the catalyst for focusing our minds on our vastly varying proficiency levels, and how to sharpen the pencil. Seachtain Na Gaeilge gave us a perfect excuse to get learning…it’s getting quite competitive around here!” 

Susan McGing, Project Lead at Pluto, added, "We are excited to see the impact that this initiative will have in making our industry more inclusive of the Irish language, and we hope that other agencies will follow in our footsteps." 

Pluto is a leading creative agency in Dublin that champions authenticity and creativity in everything that they do. Pluto offer a wide range of services including brand strategy, creative development, event planning, digital marketing, and more. The company has decided to allocate resources to help promoting and preserving the Irish language and culture and is proud to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge with this initiative. 

For more information on Pluto's Irish language initiative, please contact Susan McGing at 

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