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Dublin Rape Crisis Centre

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre joined forces with 22 leading TikTokkers in Ireland to launch the #100Consent campaign. This initiative aimed to educate and raise awareness about consent among youth aged 16-24. By utilising TikTok influencers' creativity and implementing a targeted digital advertising campaign, the campaign emphasised the importance of clear communication in matters of sexual consent.

The TikTokkers participated in workshops and brainstorming sessions to develop engaging content that resonated with their followers. The campaign highlighted the potential consequences of uncertainty in consent, using thought-provoking assets and questions on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The campaign achieved significant impact, with the TikTokkers amassing a following of 2.8 million users in the target demographic. In just two weeks, the influencers created 26 videos that gained traction and engagement. The accompanying hashtag, #100Consent, garnered over 1.3 million impressions from Irish and global audiences.

The campaign also received widespread support from the Irish press, resulting in over 100 media coverage pieces across various platforms, reaching more than 32 million people. Influential TikTokkers such as Nia Gallagher, Lauren Whelan, Jacob Donegan, Fionnuala Jones, and Thomas Arnold contributed to the media engagement.



100 pieces

Accross national media outlets



Online impressions through various digital touch points.


Winner of

'Best Social Media' at The Spider Awards 2022

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