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INM tasked us with designing a unique event to present their key research findings and also enable INM to engage with industry bodies and key influencers in the field of journalism and media. In November 2016, INM ran a personalised press campaign inviting by name, 50 key influencers within the media world to come on an exciting journey.

The idea was to put them in the shoes of a consumer and prove that print is very much still an integral part of the marketing mix, driving 10% of all landing page visits. From the press ad they were encouraged to visit a website www.anexcitingjourneyawaits.com inviting them to attend an exclusive event where they would be in with the chance of winning tickets to Cannes Lions Awards 2017. And so the countdown to the event began…

Project Details

Client: INM
Skills: Event Management

The challenge was to deliver an event that was a celebration of the influencing power of the mind, whilst delivering the research findings and re-energise attendees to be advocates that the power of print advertising is alive and well.

The research findings strongly challenge the common perception that print is dead, and challenging perceptions was exactly what we wanted to do.

Our objective was to challenge the cognitive process as a whole – perception, thinking, attention, problem solving and understanding. Through bespoke installations strategically placed throughout the event, we used Op Art, Ambigrams, Typoglycemia, light, sound, mirror and perspective brought together by an overarching black and white chevron design influenced by optical illusion. 

To give people a little flavour of what was in store, we sent a personalised, branded Beanboozled Jelly Bean Games to the office of each the invitees prior to the event. Many invitees took to Twitter and Instagram with the excitement generated by the game!  

The cognitive journey began right from the off as guests were greeted by a perspective skewed red carpet that immediately challenged spacial awareness and balance.

Food and drink experiments, and our ‘Facts’ installations intrigued, excited and educated the audience just enough to warm them up for the main event…Special guest Keith Barry. Keith gave a mind bending performance and announced the two winners selected to attend Cannes Lions 2017.

Working with a client who gave us such creative reign was really exciting and inspired us to think big and bold. This was a perfect opportunity to showcase our expertise in manipulating a venue in new and innovative way and ensure we continue to produce award winning, incredible and inspiring work for 2017.

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