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Bank of Ireland Dublin Airport Welcome Home

Bank of Ireland briefed us to come up with a campaign using all available media spaces at Dublin Airport (inside and out) that would capture the emotion and excitement of coming home from abroad, and to build the anticipation of loved ones returning.

Project Details

Client: Bank of Ireland
Skills: Experiential Marketing


We wanted to facilitate the emotive interaction of people meeting at the Airport at a highly charged time. This was about supplying ambient emotional support though words and pictures and by creating a journey from the approach to the terminals right up to and beyond arrival and departure doors.

For those waiting at the Arrivals Hall: A series of teaser messages which were reminders of previous Christmas gifts greeted everyone. The centerpiece of the campaign were the entry doorways of both terminals which were dressed as beautiful giant presents with the message on the gift tag: “The best present ever is about to work through these doors.” This simulated the unwrapping of ‘loved ones’ as they emerged.

For arriving passengers: Along the passengers’ route from the plane were a series of evocative and intriguing posters reminding them of happy Christmases past, and of the gifts from childhoods… As they walked towards the exit doors to where their families and friends are waiting beyond, the intrigue was resolved. The message read: “The best Christmas present ever is being home.” The message on the doors then parted to reveal their loved ones waiting eagerly for them.

The result was our favourite Christmas Airport Campaign ever!

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