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Audi TT Preview

What happens when you need to preview a car that is high in style, technology & quality?  With the Audi TT we had an opportunity to create a truly memorable preview night for prospective buyers that ensured we hit all the right notes.

Project Details

Client: Audi
Skills: Production & Design

Technology and style is at the heart of Audi’s engineering ethos and we reflected this with the employment of Vospertron – a multimedia neon light dance troupe and deploying a backdrop screen that was imported from the UK.The crowd were truly stunned when the screen split in two and they witnessed 3 new Audi TTs come gleaming out.

It was a great example of tailoring production to meet a brand’s values and savouring the results. Here’s a little video to make you feel like you were there to witness the return of an icon.

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