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Ireland wants you back…


This week, we heard about the wonderful call to action that is coinciding with our favourite National Holiday – St. Patricks Day. We’re all a young bunch here in Pluto (at least we’d like to think so!) so this really hit home with us as we all have had our close groups of friends and extended families separated with emigration. We love to see Ireland doing well, so when we hear of activations like this we get very excited!

‘Back 4 Good – Your future in Ireland’ have announced details of their imminent marketing campaign that is targeting skilled professionals living oversees who wish to return home to Ireland and for overseas professionals to consider Ireland as an option to relocate to develop their careers while offering information on all aspects of living and work in Ireland. 

Furthermore, Back 4 Good offers each of our counties their own section on their website showcasing local employment opportunities and its own Back 4 Good social media platforms specifically targeting a digital audience. This specific campaign offers nationwide employers a huge opportunity to reach out to a wider experienced pool of talent during this significant week in our calendar year.

This is a huge upheaval in how employment in Ireland is being represented and perceived. Such a positive marketing campaign with a bright and prosperous message that Ireland has indeed gotten much better is a welcome change. We always say, campaigns that are emotionally driven always work best. Once your audience truly connects with the message and vision, it can be safely assumed your efforts have been successful.

Check out www.back4good.ie for further information.

Hopefully this sees the return of many of our family and friends!

– Amanda Carwood

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