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Chambers of Flavour


Consumers are constantly looking for a more experiential, multi sensorial entertainment experience. Our MD Elaine O’Reilly recently travelled to London to experience all that Gingerline’s Chamber of Flavour offers. The result – A  wonderfully wacky immersive dining experience!

Not for the faint-hearted or those of a more reserved disposition- Gingerline’s Chamber of Flavour was started by Suz Mountford and Kerry Adamson in a bid to revolutionise the landscape of the London dining scene. The experience seamlessly blends art, performance, design and food to bring you a truly immersive theatrical gastronomic extravaganza !

But shhhh…. don’t tell a soul – once your voyage begins you are inextricably bound by the secrecy of “The Chamber Alumni”.

The exact location of the event is not revealed to you until 4pm on the day and so the excitement of trying to find the venue transforms itself into a treasure hunt of sorts.

Once found, the secret door leads you to the inner workings of “The Machine” , first designed in 1882 by crack-pot inventor Sir Lionel Stirling Grey. You are then afforded safe passage into what can only be described as a multi-dimensional dining adventure, where you are transported through five parallel dining realities.

Flavourlogical engineers reboot, rewire and recalibrate The Machine to ensure you gallop seamlessly through the gateways of multi-dimensional gastronomy. Just watch out for FLUX !! A top secret menu and journey awaits all those travellers who dare to venture through this very special contraption of spectacular proportion opening unprecedented access to the realms of the uncertain.

Inter-dimensional instances entwine, boundaries between realities become blurred leading to a convergence of culinary continuums bringing you high quality food from top guest chefs

Ensure to arrive in plenty of time to sample the delectable blueberry mojitos – it all adds to the madness and hilarity that lies in store.

Of course to divulge the detail of all the delicious dimensions would not put us in Sir Lionel’s good graces suffice to say, expect inventive dishes and belly laughing experiences where you will be thrown into the sea, into the air and into your childhood and will be bowled over by the hospitality of Bunny and Dicky , our new BFFs.


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