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How Brand Ambassadors Can Enhance Your Marketing Activity


At Pluto, we understand the importance of strong Brand Ambassadors. As a brand, your team on the ground at an event or activation are the backbone to a successful campaign.

Brand Ambassadors are the face of your campaign and having a strong team of BA’s representing your brand humanises your campaign or product. Traditionally, we brand ourselves through logos and symbols, but Ambassadors allow us to do more. They can create emotional connections with the consumer, creating a positive brand association. To put it simply, people like to buy from people! This is why Brand Ambassadors can be considered the most trusted “Advertisements” of all. It’s almost like a recommendation from a friend, versus a billboard advertisement. Brand Ambassadors positively engaging with your customers face to face can be the key to turning a potential sale into a loyal customer base. “Humans mimic other’s expressions and behaviours, creating emotional contagion” – Stephanie Booth, Psychology Today magazine https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/articles/201111/slew-suspects


What our Brand Ambassadors can do for you…

Event Support Team – They direct clearly, adapt quickly and achieve more. A friendly face that knows the venue, product or brand story inside out is an amazing addition to any Marketing activity.

Product Samplers – They drive awareness and sales of your products, while embodying your brand and creating a positive brand experience with your consumers. We specialise in activating both in-store and out of home.

Operational Team – They quite literally get the show on the road through logistics, driving and general event support. With their can-do attitude and problem-solving approach, they are an amazing addition to your Event / Activation.

Product Demonstrators – They introduce the customer to your product or service leaving a positive, informative impression of your brand, and increase sales. Our Product Demonstrators will immerse themselves in your product and brand when being trained, to ensure they are as knowledgeable as possible before meeting your potential customers.


Our Approach…

The Right Fit

Our Brand Ambassadors are at the forefront of your campaign, so it’s vital that they fit your brand, and care about it. When choosing Brand Ambassadors for a particular campaign, we always take into consideration our specialised team’s talents and interests. A Brand Ambassador who is passionate about your brand can better reach your audience.

Reach your Audience

We want to help you reach your audience, nationwide. Pluto have nationwide Brand Ambassadors and connections across the country. If you need Brand Ambassadors with a passion for technology in Cork City, a face painter in Tipperary, or a Chef in Donegal to host cooking demos – we have contacts across the country with an array of expertise.

Make it Memorable

As an agency who work on creative campaigns from conception to completion, we see first-hand how Brand Ambassador’s can add to an event, campaign or activation. An experienced team at the forefront of your event helps to create memorable events and brand activations. We pride our team on their professionalism and personability – always going the extra mile to make an impression on your event attendees, customers and everyone in between.


Whatever the requirement, you can be sure we have experienced Brand Ambassador’s who fit the bill. To discuss any of your Marketing requirements including Brand Ambassadors, contact us at info@pluto.ie today.


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